Where To Find The Meteorite Staff In Elden Ring

It is the Elden Ring Meteorite Staff is one of the most effective equipment for magic that you could make use of in the middle of the game.

If you’re looking to take on Elden Ring to become an sorcerer, you’ll need to acquire the best staff that you can. In the beginning in the game the best choice would be using the Meteorite Staff, which boosts the effects of Gravity spells and offers incredible growth in intelligence. Although you’ll be outgrowing the staff over time due to its inability be upgraded, it’ll keep you going until final game. Here’s the place to locate your Meteorite Staff.

Where to get the Meteorite Staff in Elden Ring

It is believed that the Meteorite Staff is found on the body of a corpse, hanging from an opening in the tower of the Street of Sages, on the edge with the Swamp of Aeonia. The quickest way to find it is to use the trap located in the Dragon-Burnt Ruins located in Limgrave. Take the stairs to the northern side of the ruin, close to where the enemies are whispering dragon chants. Then, you must take on the rats that are inside the room. Magic is a great option, since rats are likely to overwhelm you in close-range battle.

The enemies here are an excellent source of Runes at the beginning of the game.

Unlock the chest within the room near the end and remain in the haze. The trap will take your to Sellia Crystal Tunnels located in Caelid an area that is dangerous and which you’ll be trapped until you are at a different Site of Grace. You must wait for the centipede trooper to come by, then take a left, and continue to follow the tunnel until you’re able to turn left. Avoid as much as you can while the centipede soldiers in front of you fire deadly projectiles which can take your life in just two strikes.

Go right at the Martyr’s Elffigy. turn on it, activate the Site of Grace and relax. Get out of the tunnels, dial Torrent and take a travel southwest across the swamp.

If you explore through the swamp by feet, you’ll soon succumb to Scarlet Rot.

It will eventually lead to you’ll eventually reach the Street of Sages ruins. Continue on until you come across the steps of a stone. The top of these steps is the building that you’re searching for. The room that houses the body is home to several Scarlet Rot plants. They can be defeated by utilizing your willpower or simply take off Torrent and walk around the outside edge to grasp the staff. It requires the 18th level of intelligence to effectively use it.

Stats of the Meteorite Staff

Here’s what you can anticipate from Meteorite Staff.


  • Phys: 39
  • Magic: 0
  • Fire: 0
  • Lightning: 0
  • Holy: 0
  • Critical: 0
  • Sorcery: 60


  • Physical: 28
  • Magic: 17
  • Fire: 17
  • Lightning: 17
  • Holy: 17
  • Boost: 17


  • Intelligence: S
  • Strength: D

Rock Sling Gravity spell site in Elden Ring

Return to Torrent and head north until you can see a huge archway. Take a left, and you’ll come across an escalator in center of the. Beware of the centipede mages. climb the stairs and you’ll see Rock Sling in the chest inside the.

Rock Sling is a strong Gravity spell that launches three rocks at your enemies. It’s somewhat shaky in close proximity, but it also causes physical damage, which makes it useful for dealing with the majority of enemy types. As with the Meteorite Staff this spell also is a requirement for 18 Intelligence. Gravity spells can be effective against bosses of all kinds So, you should consider applying this one during your battles with Margitand Godrick.